Basic Sound Removed by Drinking Tea

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A. Before starting the exercise

1. Basic [pronunciation esophagus] is the inclusion of air into the esophagus

2. For that first swallow air exercise is necessary. But because it is not used, the mechanism of swallowing air into the esophagus at first difficult, and quite hard to hold secret

3. Let us hold secrets natural mechanism 'by drinking tea, which relaxes the narrow mouth of the esophagus and enter the air in the mouth along with the tea into the esophagus. By reversing the flow of air is the new sound will come out

4. If air can get into the esophagus with good, basic sound will come out fairly easily

5. [How to drink tea] is the easiest way to launch it early on

6. Please read the following properly and practice by complying with the order!

B. Preparation Before Exercise

1. Prepare tea or water with temperature to easily drink a cup of tea. Be careful not to overheat.

2. Sit with your back erect and straight in a chair with good and sufficient height. With his back to be less successful.

3. Faced straight ahead face naturally. Bent will put pressure on the throat so the sound will be hard to get out.

4. Open wide the left hand, and from the press over her throat hole gently with the palm of the left empire. Pressing the release of air from the hole in the throat is not necessary, it is to facilitate the reverse flow of air in the esophagus.

5. Hold the cup with his right hand, and take it to the most comfortable position so that we can easily drink tea.

6. Remove power to the shoulders and neck, be in a relaxed position. Preparation is complete.

C. Exercise Sequence

1. First, enter the tea into the mouth with the amount that can be taken in one gulp.

2. Next, a little bubble it up, keep the tea and the air feels like a round, and stop for a moment on the inside of the throat.

3. Then swallow air and tea together, at the same time with a vengeance. So that sounds swallow 'glug' as likely heard. We must not be complacent and responsibilities. Do not forget to press the hole throat with his left hand.

4. Tea Time was passing through the inside of the throat and mouth into the esophagus, while exerting force to the stomach, while spewing air as a swallow, say 'a'

Attention: Exerting force to the stomach is called 'abdominal pressure'. This does not mean pressing the abdomen down but tightens the abdominal muscles.

5. How? Is it possible to say 'a' or 'ge'?

6. Although it sounds strange, it sounds like you spend belching sounds, that's your basic sound. The second sound you've been out. CONGRATULATIONS!

7. So, repeat the exercise several times. Once a cup of tea once to pronunciation. Continue until it can say 'a' easily and seamlessly.

8. For those who did not manage to say 'a' to the above, there are two possible reasons as explained below. Which cause is within you? Both may also exist in you.

D. People who are from Hole throat Continuous Air Exit

1. Habits voiced the results of air breathing with lungs performed before surgery with a strong impression. However, be aware that after surgery we remove the sound does not come from the air of the lungs.

2. Because the feeling of wanting to pull out loud clearly very strong, causing us to enter into force too strong upper body. Relaxed and relax your upper body!

3. Do not think constantly to make a sound! Concentrate on the throat, as well as to carry out air and spew tea is swallowed!

4. At the time of saying 'a', strengthen the left hand pressure on the throat holes so that air does not seep out. It is easier to put pressure on the stomach and make it easier to reverse the air flow.

5. How? By paying attention to these things, do repeat a few times! A little more!

E. People who are not Air Feeling Go inside the esophagus to Produce Sound

1. If we drank tea together with air in the mouth quickly, air would enter into the esophagus. Because when reversing air flow with abdominal pressure immediately after drinking a little too late, the air seemed to disappear.

2. At times I felt tea through the throat, almost simultaneously exert abdominal pressure and say 'a'!

3. Though at teatime lips closed, what is important is not interposed between the open lips and say 'a'. Opened it closed lips along with the pronunciation 'a'. If there is a sea in between, then the air will already disappeared.

4. At first, to drink tea once did the pronunciation 'a'. While still holding a cup of tea, try to do a few times continuously!

5. How? With still did not give up and continued to repeat the exercise, will discover his secret.

F. Next Steps After the Sound Basic Way Out 'Tea'

1. Put the cup, stop drinking tea proceed the following steps!

2. With as if drinking tea in the mouth. Do the exact same swallowing mechanism and try to say 'a'! The left hand still holding the hole throat.

3. If no tea less managed to say 'a', use saliva as a substitute for tea and try to do the same!

4. If no tea can say 'a', little by little loosen hole pressure at the throat, and finally release the left hand to be able to say 'a'.

5. If the hand is released hard to say 'a', use a slightly thicker barrier. Apparel with the narrow neck and covered the hole so that it can push pretty useful throat

6. If you can get here the basic sound is passed. Congratulations. While enjoying doing the next step!

7. Although I could not do it easily, no need to rush. If it does not run smoothly, go back to the beginning and try again sequentially.

8. With continued repetition, will be held confidential. Do not rush, but do not be lazy, keep practicing and have hope.

G. Vowel Pronunciation Step

1. Say the vowels a, i, u, e, o.

2. 'A' out of the oral cavity in the free state, while the other vowel sounds by narrowing or flattening out the shape of the oral cavity.

3. The pronunciation of vowels have different levels of difficulty, from the easiest to the most difficult in the order a, o, e, u, i. Do the exercises from the easiest.

4. Exercising the same vowel pronunciation 3, 5, 7, 10 times continuously while on the sidelines that include air, is important and effective.

5. Next try to lengthen the pronunciation of vowel a-, o-, e-, u-, and i-.

6. Simple long vowels spoken by loosening labor and said softly. Then, continue with the same level of vocal exercises longer a ---, o ---.

7. After a long vowel, a combination of two vowels next. Say a combination of two vowels with combined free-ao,-oe,-ea,-oie, EAI-and so on.

8. For this, please disconnect between vowel sounds. Perform basic sound vibrations continuously, and just by changing the shape of the mouth at once pronounce vowel combination. With this vowel pronunciation passed.

H. The pronunciation of the word pronunciation of consonants

1. Consonant is pronounced with the use of voice-controlled devices such as the lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue, base of tongue, soft palate and nasal cavity. Since these parts are not changed before the surgery, then we do not need to be tough-minded. Just use the pre-surgery.

2. All sounds, such as ka, sa ta, na, ha, ma, ya, ra, wa, ga, za, da, ba, pa can be spoken using voice-controlled devices which are well known and combined with 5 vowels. Practice all the words with sound.

3. Despite the fact that there are differences between individuals, there was a much easier and there is nothing more difficult to say, practice of the easiest to gain confidence. After slowly try to sound more difficult for you.

4. Only the sound of the series ha require large amounts of air so that those of us who had surgery cutting larynx is very hard,. But with continuous effort will succeed either. Let's try.

5. All the words in Japanese is a combination of consonants and vowels. If andabisa say 2-5 words sound view of one breath is enough to express your thoughts. If you say a few words continue to be an ongoing conversation. Reading aloud can.

6. Next, the master [sucking], coupled with the accent (accent) and the ability to sing naturally, [pronunciation throat] you are one step away from approaching perfection.

I. Saying the Wrong Note

1. People who are in the midst of training [pronunciation of the esophagus] easy one to use the incorrect pronunciation, namely [pronunciation pharynx] and [whispers oral cavity].

2. [Guttural pronunciation] is a similar sound and ga ka series issued by using the chin and throat. [Whispers oral cavity] is whisper-like sequence sa, ta and pa were generated using the teeth, tongue, lips.

3. This sound is the sound of sighs and the resulting explosion using only the air in the mouth only. Since no new sounds exploit loopholes vibrations that produce vowel sounds as the basis, then the sound is limited and unclear. The sound quality of the sound is different from [pronunciation esophagus] and say the wrong pronunciation.

4. Those who before could make a sound basis, in its own way can emit a similar sound, then the person or family who are used to understand, there is a danger of getting out of the habit of wrong pronunciation is.

5. If you've started to get established with a sound basic training [by drinking tea], concerns about one's pronunciation is not necessary. But because they want to be understood by their families, many cases of wrong pronunciation is happening.

6. Basic [pronunciation esophagus] is a thrilling new voice gap by using air in the esophagus. By palpating part just above the hole throat vibration whether or not immediately known. if there is [wrong pronunciation] the throat was not vibrating.

7. Concerned and also families should know [pronunciation esophagus] correctly, and be careful not to regret already become [one pronunciation].

8. [Mistaken pronunciation] Another is the sound of swallowing and breathing sounds from the throat hole. Almost all causes is anxious to talk. Loud noises are not heard clearly be difficult and a barrier of natural conversation. The best way to block out the sound is not clear is speaking slowly and soon mastered [sucking].