Vocal Tips

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Among many of his friends who wanted to learn if the vocals ato wish I could sing ..? Well, here I have a few tips that I get from someone who is experienced in the field of vocal.

to start practicing good vocal that there are some things to consider;

1. Relax.
The entire body from head to toe should be given training so relaxed.
For example:
slowly take a breath, then exhale. Repeated regularly.
It could also be the body blow when you bend over (like a bow position prayer time, but the head does not look forward, but down (even a little look in the back through his legs underneath), juntaikan hands down. Shaken let me relax. (Second feet straight ahead with an inch of distance between them.
Then slowly rise, lift your body, but the fulcrum of power through the back. So you would feel if your spine is slowly rising to the top to follow your body that come up. Along the way you breathe regularly. (If there is a friend, he can massage your back while your body up into an upright position.

That helps a relaxation process.

2. Train the jaw with the letters vowels and consonants. Remember, the jaw must be relaxed.


diaphragm exercises:

a K-Ch-ch-K-Shhh-th. with a fast tempo.
ho-ho-ho ... ha-ha-ha

Then practice areas nasal (nose):
"Her-her-her" to really emphasize the shrill voice of the nose.

Then drill lips
sing scales with lips pressed together so the sound will be
sing scales, arpeggios, the staccato (broken) and legato.

exercise tongue
"La-la-la. Ra ra ra, Tatata."

(let me not bored can all wear trainers all scales, arpeggios.)

3. Having already relaxed, you just should not sing.
When singing, should concentrate with a target tone. Breath should be regularly and properly power control.